Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

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Volume I
Act 01 † Integra In which our heroine, in the classic Sailor Moon style, is late to school and fails a test. This isn't because she's unintelligent; it's because she stays up all night watching vampire hunts.
Act 02 † Alex In which we find the second sailor and are introduced to the fact that, since there aren't enough female characters in Hellsing to make a decent Sailor Team, the author has switched a few genders.
Act 03 † Kim In which the interference of an amateur reporter named Kim starts to cause some trouble for our heroines, and we have yet another encounter with that mysterious masked vampire.
Act 04 † Ghoul In which the third sailor appears on the scene, and we discover that a ghoul who is innocent as a human is a little different from the standard walking-corpse fare.
Act 05 † J. H. Brenner In which we pause the plot for some exposition and get some answers, although in the process we create more questions; and in which we have ice cream.
Volume II
Act 06 † Pip In which the school football star introduces Alex to her favorite video game, and learns that the electronic exploits of "Sailor V" aren't as far-fetched as most people think.
Act 07 † Seras In which a castle full of freaks threatens to take out our Sailor Team for good, until the intervention of a new (but somehow familiar) member wielding a massive gun.
Act 08 † Cheddar In which Seras tells her story, Integra understands her loss, and the masked vampire continues to pop up in unexpected places.
Bonus Act † Walter In which Integra's faithful family retainer only wants to make her smile.
Act 09 † Monster In which the Enemy appears; our heroines suddenly find themselves in over their heads; and self-sacrifice comes from an unexpected quarter.
Act 10 † Master In which Integra's team finds her sadder, wiser, and taller; and giving up is ruled out as an option.
Volume III
Act 11 † Blood and Honor In which our heroes descend to the depths of the Hellsing mansion, and find a message from the past awaiting them.
Act 12 † The Calm In which, in preparation for the epic showdown, our heroes rest up, eat well, and keep their fingers crossed.
Act 13 † The Storm In which the battle kicks off and the injuries begin.
Act 14 † Total Destruction In which it's all or nothing.
Act 15 † Rebirth In which the sun rises again.

Disclaimer: Hellsing is the intellectual property of Kōta Hirano; Sailor Moon, of Naoko Takeuchi; and this is certainly not the first time the two have been combined. Hosted on the very excellent ComicGenesis.