Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

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Brief profiles of the cast of characters, and their equivalents from Hellsing and Sailor Moon.

Sir Integral Wingates Van Helsing: New leader of her father's organization, she gets yet another secret identity as the pretty suited sailor soldier Sailor Hellsing. Strong, smart, decisive, a natural leader, but perpetually behind in her schoolwork because she stays up all night.
Walter Kum Dornez: Integra's official guardian as far as the school system's records are concerned, but for all practical purposes he's her subordinate. He's wise and well-versed in the ways of keeping the organization running smoothly, and his first response to any problem is to make some tea.
Alunacard: Integra's obligatory furry black red-eyed guardian. He's the one who gave her the cross that transforms her into Sailor Hellsing, and he's the one who told her of her mission: find the other Sailor Knights and the elusive Master, and then help the Master save the world from the approaching enemy.

Disclaimer: Hellsing is the intellectual property of Kōta Hirano; Sailor Moon, of Naoko Takeuchi; and I'm certainly not the first one to think of combining the two.

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